Pongezi (en)

Alternative rites of passage for Maasai girls

Pongezi means congratulations in Swahili. Congratulations to the girls who are now women without being circumcised.

For centuries, girls around the world have been, and still are, circumcised. But now there are communities among the Maasai in Kenya that have turned this harmful tradition into a beautiful ceremony that celebrates a girl’s transition to womanhood without the bloodshed. All the traditional rituals are celebrated such as shaving of the head, the dancing, special dresses and face painting, except for the cutting. Instead, the girls get extra education. Dialogue and education are key in this transition. How this new ceremony looks like, how it was developed and what joy it brings, you can see and read it in Pongezi.

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You can see some of the photos by clicking on “buitenland reportages/Kenia, Masai meisjes

A preview of the book can be seen on http://issuu.com/anjaligtenberg/docs/pongezi

$ 45,00

ISBN 978-94-6226-061-0
Photography and text: Anja Ligtenberg
Photo edit: Anna Herbst, Freekje Groenemans
Design: Marc Koppen, Scherpontwerp
Publisher and printer: Lecturis
Hard cover, 112 pages, English language



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